Deleting CloudFormation Stack

When you deploy a backup appliance from AWS Marketplace, Veeam Backup for AWS is installed using an AWS CloudFormation stack. In AWS CloudFormation, a stack is a collection of AWS services and resources that you can manage as a single unit. To uninstall Veeam Backup for AWS, you must delete the CloudFormation stack from AWS. For more information on working with stacks, see AWS Documentation.

To delete the Veeam Backup for AWS CloudFormation stack, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the AWS Management Console using credentials of an AWS account where Veeam Backup for AWS is installed.
  2. Use the region selector in the upper-right corner of the page to select the AWS Region in which the backup appliance resides.
  3. Navigate to Services > CloudFormation.
  4. From the Stacks list, select the CloudFormation stack created while installing Veeam Backup for AWS.
  5. Click Delete.
  6. In the confirmation window, click Delete stack to acknowledge deletion.


After you acknowledge the operation, the Veeam Backup for AWS CloudFormation stack will acquire the DELETE_IN_PROGRESS state. When all AWS resources included in the stack are successfully deleted, the stack will acquire the DELETE_COMPLETE state. By default, deleted CloudFormation stacks are not displayed in the AWS Management Console. To learn how to view deleted stacks and to troubleshoot deletion issues, see AWS Documentation.