Specifying Monthly Schedule

To specify the monthly schedule for the backup policy, at the Schedule step of the wizard, complete the following steps:

  1. Set the Monthly retention toggle to On, and then click Edit monthly settings.
  2. In the Monthly schedule section, select months, a day of the month, and time when the backup policy must start creating cloud-native snapshots, snapshot replicas or image-level backups.


Mind that Veeam Backup for AWS does not create snapshot replicas and image-level backups independently from cloud-native snapshots. That is why when you select months to create snapshot replicas and image-level backups, the same months are automatically selected for cloud-native snapshots. For more information on how backup is performed, see How Backup Works.

  1. In the Monthly retention section, specify retention policy settings for the monthly schedule.
  • For cloud-native snapshots and snapshot replicas, specify the number of restore points that you want to keep in cloud-native snapshot and snapshot replica chains.

When the number is exceeded, Veeam Backup for AWS removes the earliest restore point from the chain. For details, see Retention Policy for Snapshots.

  • For image-level backups, specify the number of days (or months) for which you want to keep restore points in a backup chain.

If a restore point is older than the specified limit, Veeam Backup for AWS removes it from the chain. For details, see  Retention Policy for Backups.

  1. Click Apply.

Specifying Monthly Schedule 

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