Configuring Snapshot Replica Settings

If you want to replicate cloud-native snapshots to other AWS accounts or regions, do the following:

  1. In the Snapshots section of the Targets step of the wizard, set the Replicate snapshots toggle to On.
  2. In the Replication settings window, configure the following mapping settings for each AWS Region where source instances reside:


Consider that several limitations are applied to Aurora DB clusters:

  • Snapshot replication is not supported for Aurora multi-master clusters.
  • If DB engine versions of the processed Aurora DB clusters are not supported in the target AWS Region, the replication operation will fail. For the list of supported DB engine versions in AWS Regions, see AWS Documentation.
  1. Select a source AWS Region from the list and click Edit Region Mapping.
  2. In the Edit Region Mapping window, specify the following settings:
  1. From the Target account drop-down list, select an IAM role whose permissions will be used to copy and store cloud-native snapshots in a target AWS Region.

If you select an IAM role created in another AWS account, the cloud-native snapshots will be copied to the target AWS Region in that AWS account.

  1. From the Target region drop-down list, select the target AWS Region to which Veeam Backup for AWS must copy cloud-native snapshots.
  2. If you want to encrypt the cloud-native snapshots copied to the target AWS Region, select the Enable encryption check box and choose the necessary KMS key from the Encryption key drop-down list. For a KMS key to be displayed in the list of available encryption keys, it must be stored in the AWS Region selected at step 3.2 of the wizard and the IAM role specified for the backup operation must have permissions to access the key. For more information on KMS keys, see AWS Documentation.

Then, use the Key usage drop-down list to choose whether you want to encrypt snapshots for all resources or only snapshots of the encrypted resources.


Consider the following:

  • If the source DB instances or Aurora DB clusters are encrypted, you must enable encryption for replicated snapshots. Otherwise the replication process will fail.
  • If the source Aurora DB cluster is unencrypted, the encryption must be disabled for replicated snapshots. Otherwise the replication process will fail.
  1. Click Save.

To configure mapping for all source AWS Regions at once, click Set Mapping for All Regions and specify settings as described at step 2.b.

  1. To save changes made to the backup policy settings, click Apply.

Creating RDS Backup Policy