Creating RDS Backup Policies

One backup policy can be used to process one or more RDS resources within one AWS account. The scope of data that you can protect in an AWS account is limited by permissions of an IAM role that is specified in the backup policy settings.


Before you create an RDS backup policy, if you plan to receive email notifications on backup policy results, configure SMTP server settings first. For more information, see Configuring Global Notification Settings.

To create an RDS backup policy, complete the following steps:

  1. Launch the Add RDS Policy wizard.
  2. Specify a backup policy name and description.
  3. Configure backup source settings.
  4. Configure backup target settings.
  5. Specify a schedule for the backup policy.
  6. Specify automatic retry settings and notification settings.
  7. Review estimated cost for protecting RDS resources.
  8. Finish working with the wizard.