Step 4. Configure S3 Repository Settings

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    At the Repository step of the wizard, specify an Amazon S3 bucket and folder where you want to store image-level backups of EC2 instances and VPC configuration backups.

    1. Click the link to the right of Bucket.
    1. In the Buckets window, select the Amazon S3 bucket that will be used as a target location for image-level backups, and click OK.

    For an Amazon S3 bucket to be displayed in the Bucket list, it must be created within an AWS account to which the IAM role selected at the Account step of the wizard has permissions. To learn how to create an Amazon S3 bucket, see AWS Documentation.


    It may take some time for Veeam Backup for AWS to retrieve information about existing storage buckets from AWS. To speed up the data collection process, click Rescan.

    1. Choose whether you want to use an existing folder inside the selected Amazon S3 bucket or to create a new one to group backup files stored in the bucket.
    • To use an existing folder, click the link to the right of Use existing folder. In the Select folder window, select the necessary folder and click Select.

    If encryption at the S3 repository level was enabled for the selected folder, at the Settings step of the wizard, you will need to provide a password for this folder.


    If the selected folder already contains backup files, Veeam Backup for AWS import the backed-up data to the configuration database. You can then use this data to perform all disaster recovery operations described in section Performing Restore.

    • To create a new folder, select the Create new folder option, and then specify a name for the new folder. The maximum length of the name is 125 characters; the dash (/) character is not supported.

    Step 4. Configure S3 Repository Settings