Step 4. Start Restore Session

At the Summary step of the wizard, review restore settings and click Start.

Step 4. Start Restore Session 

Veeam Backup for AWS will close the File-level Recovery wizard, start a restore session for each backed-up EC2 instance in the restore task, and display the FLR Running Sessions window.

Viewing Restore Session Progress

In the FLR Running Sessions window you can track the restore session progress. Mind that Veeam Backup for AWS may take some time to start a restore session. As part of this process, Veeam Backup for AWS launches a worker instance and mounts to it EBS volumes of the backed-up EC2 instance.

After the restore session is started, in the URL column of the FLR Running Sessions window, Veeam Backup for AWS will display the link to the Veeam Backup browser. While the restore session is running, you can use the Veeam Backup browser to find and restore the necessary files and folders.

Step 4. Start Restore Session 

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