Step 2. Create VPC Peering Connection

If you have created interface endpoints and S3 interface endpoints in subnets of two different VPCs, you must create a peering connection between the accepter and requester VPC to enable route traffic between those VPCs using private IP addresses.

To create a VPC peering connection, do the following:

  1. In the VPC console, navigate to Virtual Private Cloud > Peering connections and click Create peering connection.
  2. Complete the Create peering connection wizard:
  1. At the Peering connection settings step, do the following:
  1. [Optional] In the Name field, specify a name for the connection.
  2. In the Select a local VPC to peer with section, choose the requester VPC.
  3. In the Select another VPC to peer with section, choose an AWS account and AWS Region in which you want to create the connection, and specify the ID of the accepter VPC.
  4. In the Tags section, specify AWS tags that will be assigned to the connection.
  1. Click Create Peering Connection.
  1. To enable route traffic between the requester and accepter VPC, select the created peering connection in the Peering connections list and click Actions > Accept request.