Step 7. Configure Network Settings

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    [This step applies only if you have selected the Restore to a new location, or with different settings option at the Restore Mode step of the wizard]

    At the Network step of the wizard, configure network and security settings for the restored RDS instance.

    1. In the Network section, specify the network settings for the restored RDS instance:
    1. Click Edit Network Settings.
    2. In the Network settings window, choose an Amazon VPC to which the restored RDS instance will be connected, a subnet group that will be assigned to the instance, an Availability Zone where the instance will reside, and port that must be used to access the RDS instance. Note that Veeam Backup for AWS will display only Amazon VPCs that have one or more subnet groups in the VPC drop-down list.

    For a VPC and a subnet group to be displayed in the lists of available network specifications, they must be created for the AWS Region specified at step 4 in the AWS Management Console as described in AWS Documentation.


    If you want to create a passive secondary replica (standby instance) of the restored RDS instance, set the Multi-AZ deployment toggle to On. However, keep in mind that Multi-AZ deployments are not supported for RDS instances running MS SQL Server Express Edition or MS SQL Server Web Edition. For more information on Multi-AZ deployments, AWS Documentation.

    1. Click Apply.
    1. In the Security section, specify security settings to control what IP addresses will be able to connect to databases on the restored RDS instance.
    1. Click Edit Security Settings.
    2. In the Security settings window, click the link to the right of VPC security group. In the Select Security Group window, select VPC security groups that will control access to the RDS instance and click Add. Then, click Save to close the window.

    If you want to make the restored RDS instance accessible outside the Amazon VPC, set the Public accessible toggle to On. Note that the RDS instance must belong to a public subnet group to become publicly accessible.

    1. Click Apply.

    Step 7. Configure Network Settings