Protecting EFS File Systems

To protect EFS file systems, Veeam Backup for AWS runs backup policies. A backup policy is a collection of settings that define the way backup operations are performed: what data to back up, where to store backups, when to start the backup process, how to retain restore points and so on.

Veeam Backup for AWS does not install agent software inside instances to back up EFS file systems — it uses native AWS capabilities instead. During every backup session, Veeam Backup for AWS creates a cloud-native backup for each file system added to a backup policy. The cloud-native backup is further used to create a backup copy in another AWS Region.

EFS Indexing

EFS indexing allows you to perform EFS file-level recovery operations without specifying the exact paths to the necessary files and to restore files using different restore points during one restore session. While performing EFS indexing of a file system, Veeam Backup for AWS creates a catalog of all files and directories (an index) and saves the index to a backup repository. This index is further used to reproduce the file system structure and to enable browsing and searching for specific files within an EFS backup. For more information on how EFS file systems backup works, see EFS Backup.

To allow Veeam Backup for AWS to perform indexing of the processed EFS file systems, this functionality must be enabled in the backup policy settings.

How To Protect EFS File Systems

To create an EFS backup policy, perform the following steps:

  1. Check limitations and prerequisites.
  2. Specify IAM roles to access AWS services and resources.
  3. [Optional] Add backup repositories to store backed-up data.
  4. [Optional] Configure worker instance settings to launch workers while performing indexing of the processed EFS file systems.
  5. [Optional] Configure global retention settings for obsolete session records.
  6. [Optional] Configure email notification settings for automated delivery of backup policy results and daily reports.
  7. Complete the Add EFS Policy wizard.

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