Before You Begin

To restore an EBS volume from a backup that is stored in the archive backup repository, the archived data must be retrieved first. You can retrieve the archived data manually before you begin the restore operation, or launch data retrieval from the Restore wizard. For more information on data retrieval, see Retrieving EC2 Data From Archive.

If you plan to restore EBS volumes to an AWS Outpost, check the following prerequisites:

  1. An IAM role you plan to specify for the restore operation must have the following permissions: outposts:ListOutposts, outposts:GetOutpostInstanceTypes. To grant the necessary permissions for the IAM role, use the AWS Management Console.
  2. If the Outpost subnet is specified in the worker configuration settings, restore of EBS volumes to an AWS Region to which the AWS Outpost is connected may fail. The issue occurs if the default worker instance type is not supported for the AWS Outpost. In this case, change the default worker profiles as described in section Managing Worker Profiles.