Managing Worker Configurations

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    A configuration is a group of network settings that Veeam Backup for AWS uses to deploy worker instances in a specific AWS Region to perform data protection, disaster recovery, backup retention and EFS indexing operations. Veeam Backup for AWS deploys one worker instance per each AWS resource added to a backup policy, restore or retention task.

    Depending on the performed operation, Veeam Backup for AWS launches worker instances in the following AWS accounts:

    • Worker instances used for backup, retention and restore operations are launched in the Backup account — an AWS account to which an IAM role specified to launch worker instances belong.

    By default, Veeam Backup for AWS uses the Default Backup Restore role to launch worker instances. Therefore, the Backup account is an AWS account where the backup appliance belong. However, you can change the Backup account. To do that, specify an IAM role from another AWS account to launch worker instances as described in section Adding Configurations for Backup Account.

    • Worker instances used to perform EFS indexing operations are launched in production accounts — same AWS accounts where the processed file systems belong. For more information, see Adding Configurations for Production Accounts.

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