Editing Worker Instance Settings

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    You can edit settings configured in Veeam Backup for AWS to launch worker instances.

    To edit worker instance settings, do the following:

    1. Switch to the Configuration page.
    1. Navigate to Workers > General.
    1. In the Role section, you can change an IAM role whose permissions Veeam Backup for AWS will use to launch worker instances. To change the IAM role, click Change and select the necessary IAM role from the list.


    If you change the IAM role, all previously configured network settings for AWS Regions in which Veeam Backup for AWS launches worker instances will be removed automatically.

    1. In the Worker network settings section, you can change network settings configured for AWS Regions in which Veeam Backup for AWS launches worker instances.

    To change network settings for an AWS Region:

    1. Select the necessary AWS Region from the list, and then click Edit.
    2. In the Edit Region window, specify new network settings for the AWS Region as described in section Configuring Worker Instance Settings.


    If there are any worker instances launched using the selected AWS Region network settings that are currently involved in a backup or restore process, the changes will be applied only when the process completes.

    Editing Worker Instance Settings