Performing EC2 Instance Restore

In case of a disaster, you can restore an entire EC2 instance from a cloud-native snapshot, snapshot replica or image-level backup. Veeam Backup for AWS allows you to restore one or more EC2 instances at a time, to the original location or to a new location.


If you restore multiple EC2 instances that have the same EBS volume attached, Veeam Backup for AWS will restore one volume per each instance and enable the Multi-Attach option for every restored volume. To recover the source configuration, when the restore operation completes, manually delete extra EBS volumes in the AWS Management Console and attach the necessary volume to the instances.

For more information on Amazon EBS Multi-Attach, see AWS Documentation.

How to Perform Instance Restore

To restore a protected EC2 instance, do the following:

  1. Launch the Instance Restore wizard.
  2. Select a restore point.
  3. Specify data retrieval settings for archived backups.
  4. Specify restore settings.
  5. Choose a restore mode.
  6. Enable encryption for EBS volumes.
  7. Specify EC2 instance settings.
  8. Configure network settings.
  9. Specify a restore reason.
  10. Finish working with the wizard.