Step 1. Create Customer Gateway

A customer gateway device is a physical device or software application in your on-premises network. A customer gateway is a resource in AWS representing the customer gateway device in the on-premises network. For more information, see AWS Documentation.

To provide information on a customer gateway device to AWS, create a customer gateway:

  1. Log in to the AWS Management Console using credentials of an AWS account in which you want to create the Site-to-Site VPN connection.
  2. Navigate to All Services > Networking & Content Delivery and click VPC.
  3. In the VPC console, navigate to Virtual Private Network > Customer Gateways and click Create Customer Gateway.
  4. Complete the Create customer gateway wizard:
  1. At the Details step of the wizard, do the following:
  1. [Optional] In the Name tag field, specify a name for the gateway.
  2. In the BGP ASN field, specify a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Autonomous System Number (ASN) for the gateway.
  3. In the IP address field, specify a static, internet-routable IP address for the gateway.
  4. From the Certificate ARN drop-down list, specify the Amazon Resource Name of a private certificate that will be used to connect to the gateway.
  5. [Optional] In the Device field, specify a name for the customer gateway device.
  1. Click Create customer gateway.