Step 3.1 Specify IAM Role

In the IAM role section of the Sources step of the wizard, you must specify an IAM role whose permissions will be used to access AWS services and resources, and to create cloud-native snapshots of DB instances and Aurora DB clusters. If you specify an IAM role created in another AWS account, the backup policy will process RDS resources on which the specified IAM role has permissions in that AWS account.

For an IAM role to be displayed in the IAM role list, it must be added to Veeam Backup for AWS as described in Adding IAM Roles. If you have not added the necessary IAM role to Veeam Backup for AWS beforehand, you can do it without closing the Add Policy wizard. To add an IAM role, click Add and complete the Add IAM Role wizard.

It is recommended that you check whether the selected IAM role has all the required permissions to perform the operation. If the IAM role permissions are insufficient, the backup policy will fail to complete successfully. To run the IAM role permission check, click Check Permissions. Veeam Backup for AWS will display the Permission check window where you can track the progress and view the results of the check. If the IAM role permissions are insufficient, the check will complete with errors, and the list of permissions that must be granted to the IAM role will be displayed in the Missing Permissions column. You can grant the missing permissions to the IAM role using the AWS Management Console or instruct Veeam Backup for AWS to do it.


To download the full list of missing permissions as a single JSON policy document that you can use to grant the permissions to the role in the AWS Management Console, click Export Missing Permissions.




If your organization uses service control policies (SCPs) to manage permissions in its accounts, and some of the permissions required for the operation are forbidden by these SCPs, Veeam Backup for AWS will not be able to perform the operation even if you grant the permissions to the selected IAM role. For more information on SCPs, see AWS Documentation.

To let Veeam Backup for AWS grant the missing permissions:

  1. In the Permission check window, click Grant.
  2. In the Grant permissions window, provide one-time access keys of an IAM user that is authorized to update permissions of IAM roles, and then click Apply.

The IAM user must have the following permissions:













Veeam Backup for AWS does not store one-time access keys in the configuration database.

  1. To make sure that the missing permissions have been successfully granted, click Recheck.

Creating RDS Backup Policy

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