Drivers in Veeam Recovery Media

The generic Veeam Recovery Media available for download from the Veeam website or Veeam software repository contains the following data:

  1. Set of files required to start the recovery image OS from the recovery media.
  2. Set of Veeam tools for the computer system image and data recovery.
  3. Set of Linux command line tools to diagnose problems and fix errors on your computer. For the regular recovery image, in addition to the standard set of tools, you can install custom software from a software repository.
  4. Drivers required to run hardware and devices on your computer in a regular way. The regular recovery image contains drivers included in the Linux kernel versions 6.1.0 and 6.5.0.

When you boot your computer from the Veeam Recovery Media, drivers from the Veeam Recovery Media are automatically loaded on the recovery image OS.

If your computer uses hardware that requires drivers not included in the generic Veeam Recovery Media, you can create a custom recovery image. Veeam Agent will copy the Linux kernel running on your computer with its currently loaded modules and include them into the custom Veeam Recovery Media. To learn more, see Creating Custom Veeam Recovery Media.

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