Automatic Job Retries

Veeam Agent supports automatic job retries if a scheduled backup job fails for any reason — for example, if the backup repository is not available or connection to it is interrupted during the backup job execution.

If the backup job fails, Veeam Agent will automatically create a new session for this backup job with the Pending status. By default, Veeam Agent for Linux retries a failed job 3 times with an interval of 10 minutes.

Veeam Agent automatically restarts the backup job under the following conditions:

  • If the backup job was launched automatically according to a schedule and failed for any reason. Veeam Agent will not perform a backup job retry if the backup job ended with the Success or Warning status.
  • [For object storage targets] If during the job session, a backup health check detects corrupted data in the backup that resides in an object storage repository. By default, Veeam Agent will launch a job retry. Veeam Agent will retry the backup job up to 3 times if the backup job was run on a schedule. Veeam Agent will retry the backup job only once if the backup job was launched manually. For more information, see Health Check for Object Storage.