Backup Job

To back up your data, you must configure a backup job. The backup job settings define what data you want to back up, what the target location and retention policy for created backups are and how to back up your data. If necessary, you can re-configure the backup job and change its settings at any time.


You cannot change the backup job type from volume-level to file-level, and vice versa.

In Veeam Agent for Linux, you can configure several backup jobs with different settings. For example, you can configure one backup job to create volume-level backup and another backup job to create file-level backup. You can configure backup jobs targeted at different backup locations to keep several copies of your backed-up data. You can also configure several backup jobs with individual schedule to fine-tune automatic backup creation process.


You can create more than one backup job only if Veeam Agent operates in the Workstation or Server edition. To learn more, see Product Editions.

Veeam Agent launches the backup job according to the schedule you define. You can schedule the job to start at specific time daily or on specific week days. You can also start a backup job manually to perform backup on demand when needed.

Backup job scheduling settings are configured globally for all accounts of the Linux OS. As a result, Veeam Agent can start a backup job automatically regardless of the currently running user session.

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