PostgreSQL Backup

You can use Veeam Agent for Linux to create transactionally consistent backups of Veeam Agent machines that run the PostgreSQL database system.

How PostgreSQL Processing Works

To ensure that the backed-up data is in the consistent state, Veeam Agent performs the PostreSQL database processing. To process the database system, Veeam Agent performs the following operations:

  1. When the backup job starts, Veeam Agent forces a write-ahead log checkpoint. This command fastens the database system restore. To learn more, see PostgreSQL documentation.
  1. Creates a snapshot of the volume and proceeds to the next step of the backup process. To learn more, see How Backup Works.

Authentication Methods

Veeam Agent for Linux can connect to the PostgreSQL database system using one of the following methods:

  • Database user with password — Veeam Agent uses the PostgreSQL account credentials that you specify in the backup job settings.
  • Database user with password file — Veeam Agent the PostgreSQL database system to use account credentials that are stored in the .pgpass password file. To learn more about password file configuration, see Preparing Password File for PostgreSQL Processing.
  • System user without password — Veeam Agent uses the peer authentication. In the peer authentication method, Veeam Agent for Linux uses the OS account as the PostgreSQL database user name.

Requirements and Limitations for PostgreSQL Processing

  • Veeam Agent for Linux supports processing of the PostgreSQL database system version 9.5 – 14.0.
  • Configurations with multiple PostgreSQL installations and/or instances on the same server are not supported.

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