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Updating List of Cloud Repositories

When you connect to the Veeam Cloud Connect service provider, Veeam Agent for Linux retrieves and saves to the database information about cloud repositories available to the tenant or subtenant whose account you use to connect to the SP. You can refresh information about available cloud repositories manually at any time. This may be useful, for example, after the SP changes backup resource settings for the tenant.

To update the list of cloud repositories, use the following command:

veeamconfig cloud resync

If the cloud repository currently used as a target location for Veeam Agent backups becomes unavailable, and Veeam Agent for Linux fails to reflect this change in its database for some reason, the veeamconfig cloud resync command may finish with errors. In this case, you can use the --force option to refresh information about available cloud repositories. With the --force option, Veeam Agent for Linux will retrieve the list of available cloud repositories from the service provider and save the new information about cloud repositories in the Veeam Agent for Linux database.

Updating List of Cloud Repositories Tip:

To view updated list of available Veeam backup repositories after resync, use the veeamconfig repository list command. To learn more, see Viewing List of Backup Repositories.


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