Creating Repository in NFS Share

To create a repository in an NFS share, use the following command:

veeamconfig repository create --name <repository_name> --type nfs --location <path_to_repository>  
--options <mounting_options>


  • <repository_name> — name of the backup repository.
  • <path_to_repository> — path to the network shared folder where backup files will be stored in the SERVER:/DIRECTORY format.
  • <mounting_options> —  additional options that Veeam Agent will use to mount the network shared folder to the Veeam Agent machine file system. You can use the standard Linux mount command content as mounting options. This parameter is optional.

For example:

$ veeamconfig repository create --name VeeamBackup --type nfs --location srv01:/VeeamRepository --options vers=3,hard,retry=1


Creating Repository in NFS Share TIP

If you mount a network shared folder to a directory in the Veeam Agent machine file system in advance, you can create the backup repository in the same way as in a local directory. For details, see Creating Repository in Local Directory.