Before You Begin

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    Before you start the installation process, check the following prerequisites:

    1. The computer on which you plan to install Veeam Agent for Linux must satisfy system requirements specified in this document. To learn more, see System Requirements.
    2. To install Veeam Agent for Linux software packages, you must use the root account or any user account that has super user (root) privileges on the computer where you plan to install the product.
    3. Veeam Agent for Linux software packages have the following dependencies:
    • lvm2 — required by the veeamconfig package to support operations with LVM volumes.
    • dkms — required by the veeamsnap package for building the kernel module for Veeam Agent for Linux Driver.

    This dependency does not apply to CentOS, RHEL and SLES distributions. For these distributions, there is no need to build the veeamsnap kernel module with dkms. Instead, you can install it from a pre-built binary package provided by Veeam. To learn more, see Installing Veeam Agent for Linux.

    If the required components are not pre-installed on the computer, you will be asked to install them during or after the product installation process (depending on the package manager you use). To learn more, see Managing Package Dependencies.

    For the full list of packages required for product operation, see System Requirements.

    1. If you have used the Beta version of Veeam Agent for Linux, you must remove Veeam Agent for Linux software packages prior to installing the release version of the product. To learn more, see Uninstalling Veeam Agent for Linux.