Upgrading Veeam Agent for Linux

For Veeam Agent for Linux, upgrade to newer versions is supported. You can start the upgrade process when the new version becomes available.

During the upgrade process, configuration and backup files that were created with the previous version of Veeam Agent are not impacted in any way.

Upgrading Veeam Agent for Linux IMPORTANT

Before starting the upgrade process, make sure that there are no jobs running on the Veeam Agent computer.

Depending on the type of the packages you used for Veeam Agent installation, you can use the following upgrade procedures:


If the computer where you want to upgrade Veeam Agent for Linux is not connected to the internet and does not have access to a local mirror of the Veeam software repository, you can download and re-install Veeam Agent for Linux packages manually. To learn more, see Installing Veeam Agent for Linux in Offline Mode.