Step 1. Launch Backup Job Wizard

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    To launch the Backup Job wizard, do the following:

    1. Launch the Veeam Agent control panel with the veeam or veeamconfig ui command:
    2. If you have not configured any backup jobs yet, Veeam Agent will display a welcome screen. Press the 'c' key to proceed to the Backup Job wizard and configure the backup job.
    3. If you have already configured and performed a backup job, Veeam Agent will display the list of backup job sessions. When you press 'c' to launch the Backup Job wizard, Veeam Agent will display a list of configured backup jobs. To configure a new backup job, select the Configure new job option and press Enter.


    Step 1. Launch Backup Job Wizard NOTE

    The Configure new job option is not available if Veeam Agent for Linux operates in the Free edition and you have already configured one backup job.


    To edit settings of a backup job that you have already configured, select the job in the list and press Enter. To learn more, see Editing Backup Job Settings.

    If you have decided not to create a backup job, press Escape to close the list of backup jobs and return to the welcome screen. After that, you can press Escape once again to return to the command line interface.

    Step 1. Launch Backup Job Wizard 

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