Stopping Backup Job

You can stop the running backup job before the job session completes, for example, if the backup process is about to take long, and you do not want the job to produce workload on the production environment during business hours.

When you stop a backup job, the job session will finish immediately. Veeam Agent will not produce a new restore point during the session, and the session will finish with the Failed status.

You can stop a job in one of the following ways:

Stopping Job from Control Panel

To stop a backup job:

  1. Launch the Veeam Agent control panel with the veeam or veeamconfig ui command.
  2. In the Veeam Agent control panel, in the list of backup job sessions, select the currently running session with the [Up] and [Down] keys and press [Enter].
  3. In the session statistics window, press [S].
  4. In the displayed window, make sure that the Yes button is selected and press [Enter].

Stopping Backup Job 

Stopping Job from Command Line Interface

To stop a backup job, use the following command:

veeamconfig session stop --id <session_id>


veeamconfig session stop --force --id <session_id>


For example:

$ veeamconfig session stop --id 381532f7-426a-4e89-b9fc-43d98942c71a
Session has stopped.