Before You Begin

Before you boot from the recovery image and recover your data, check the following prerequisites:

  • You must have a recovery image on any type of media: CD/DVD/BD or removable storage device.
  • To recover data on your computer, you must have both the Veeam Recovery Media and data backup. For data recovery, you can use a volume-level or file-level backup created with Veeam Agent for Linux. Make sure that the backup or system image is available on the computer drive (local or external), on a network shared folder or on the backup repository managed by a Veeam backup server.
  • The media type on which you have created the recovery image must be set as a primary boot source on your computer.
  • The backup from which you plan to restore data must be successfully created at least once.
  • [For backups stored in network shared folders, on Veeam backup repositories and Veeam Cloud Connect repositories] You must have access to the target location where the backup file resides.
  • If you restore to a virtual environment, note that the current version of Veeam Recovery Media supports only the VMware and Hyper-V virtualization solutions. To resolve possible issues during bare metal recovery of Oracle VM virtual machines, use instructions in the second section of this Veeam KB article.