Restoring Volumes with Command Line Interface

You can restore a specific computer volume or all volumes from the volume-level backup.

Restoring Volumes with Command Line Interface NOTE

You cannot use the Veeam Agent for Linux command line interface to restore BTRFS subvolumes.

Volumes can be restored to their original location or to a new location.

  • If you restore a volume to its original location, Veeam Agent will overwrite the data on the original volume with the data restored from the backup.
  • If you restore volume data to a new location, Veeam Agent will restore data from the backup and write it to the selected destination. If necessary, you can specify new disk mapping settings for the restored volume.

You can use Veeam Agent commands to restore volumes from a backup or restore point:

When you restore a volume from the backup, Veeam Agent will automatically select the latest restore point in the backup. The volume will be restored to the state in which the volume was at the time when the latest restore point was created.

When you restore a volume from the restore point, you can select the necessary restore point in the backup to recover data to a specific point in time.

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