Restoring Volumes

You can restore a specific computer volume or all volumes from the volume-level backup.

Volumes can be restored to their original location or to a new location.

  • If you restore a volume to its original location, Veeam Agent will overwrite the data on the original volume with the data restored from the backup.
  • If you restore volume data to a new location, Veeam Agent will restore data from the backup and write it to the selected destination. If necessary, you can specify new disk mapping settings for the restored volume.

Before you boot from the Veeam Recovery Media to perform volume-level restore, check prerequisites. Then take the steps below to recover your computer.

  1. Boot from the Veeam Recovery Media.
  2. Select the network adapter.
  3. Launch the Volume Restore wizard.
  4. Select the backup file location.
  5. Specify backup file location settings.
  6. Browse for the backup file.
  7. Select the necessary backup and restore point.
  8. Map restored disks.
  9. Complete the restore process.
  10. Finish working with the Veeam Recovery Media.

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