Veeam Recovery Media

Veeam Agent for Linux lets you use the Veeam Recovery Media — a recovery image of the Linux OS that provides an alternative way to boot your computer.

The recovery image includes a custom Linux OS with the limited functionality. It comprises Linux kernel and a set of GNU/Linux utilities necessary to boot the computer and perform basic administration tasks. If the OS installed on the computer fails to start for some reason, you can boot the recovery image OS. After booting, you can do the following:

  • You can restore data from a backup to your computer. For this scenario, you must have a backup created with Veeam Agent for Linux.
  • You can use Linux OS tools to diagnose problems and fix errors on your computer.

The recovery image can be helpful if one of the following errors occur:

  • The OS on the computer fails to start.
  • You want to perform bare metal restore from the backup on the computer without the OS and other software installed.
  • You want to restore the system volume of the computer and so on.

Veeam Recovery Media is distributed as an ISO image. You can download the ISO image file from this Veeam webpage: select an operating system to display the download links for the product and recovery ISO. You can burn the ISO image file to the following types of media:

  • Removable storage devices such as USB drives or SD cards


Consider the following:

  • You can also download the Veeam Recovery Media ISO image from the Veeam software repository.
  • For information about how to burn the ISO image to a removable storage device, as well as workaround for accessing the Veeam recovery UI, see this Veeam KB article.

When you boot from the Veeam Recovery Media, you can use the recovery environment to fix the OS system errors on your computer or restore data from the backup. Veeam Agent for Linux offers a set of tools for the computer system image and data recovery:

  • Restore volumes — the Veeam Recovery wizard to recover data on the original computer or perform bare metal recovery.
  • Restore files — the File Level Restore wizard to restore files and folders to the original location or to a new location.
  • Exit to shell — Linux shell prompt with standard utilities to diagnose problems and fix errors.

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