Uninstalling Veeam Agent for Linux

To uninstall Veeam Agent for Linux, you need to remove the veeam-libs, veeam and Veeam kernel module packages. To do this, run the following command with the name of the Veeam kernel module you used during installation — veeamsnap or blksnap.:

For CentOS 7 / RHEL / Oracle Linux / Fedora

yum remove veeam veeam-libs veeamsnap


yum remove veeam veeam-libs blksnap

For openSUSE / SLES

zypper rm veeam veeam-libs veeamsnap


zypper rm veeam veeam-libs blksnap

For Debian / Ubuntu

apt-get remove veeam veeam-libs veeamsnap


apt-get remove veeam veeam-libs blksnap