Connecting to Service Provider

To create Veeam Agent backups on a cloud repository, you must connect to a Veeam Cloud Connect service provider.

To connect Veeam Agent for Linux to a service provider, use the following command:

veeamconfig cloud add --name <sp_name> --address <sp_address> --port <sp_port> --login <username> --password <password> --fingerprint <sp_thumbprint>


  • <sp_name> — name of the service provider to which you want to connect.
  • <sp_address> — IP address or full DNS name of the cloud gateway that the SP or your backup administrator has provided to you.
  • <sp_port> — port over which Veeam Agent must communicate with the cloud gateway. The default port used for communication with the cloud gateway is 6180.
  • <username> — name of the tenant or subtenant account that the SP or your backup administrator has provided to you. The name of the subtenant account must be specified in the TENANT/SUBTENANT format.
  • <password> — password of the tenant or subtenant account used to connect to the service provider.
  • <sp_thumbprint> — thumbprint used to verify the TLS certificate that the SP has provided to you.

For example:

user@srv01:~$ veeamconfig cloud add --name SP --address --port 6180 --login TechCompany/User01 --password P@ssw0rd --fingerprint 92FA988A3D9E80EE095DDAB75BF06B05DF6F205B



When you enter the veeamconfig cloud add command, Veeam Agent will display information about the TLS certificate obtained from the SP. To accept the certificate, type yes in the command prompt and press [Enter].

When Veeam Agent connects to the service provider, Veeam Agent retrieves information about cloud repositories available to the tenant or subtenant and displays them in the list of available backup repositories. You can then specify a cloud repository as a target for a backup job.


To view the list of available cloud repositories, use the veeamconfig repository list command. To learn more, see Viewing List of Backup Repositories.