Maintenance Settings

At the Advanced step of the wizard, specify backup maintenance settings for the backup job:

  1. Select the Maintenance option with the Tab and Down keys and press Enter.


Maintenance Settings NOTE

The Maintenance option is available if you have selected the Veeam backup repository or Veeam Cloud Connect repository option at the Destination step of the wizard.

  1. In the Maintenance window, make sure that the Allow backup server to prune old backups option is selected and press Space.
  2. In the If this agent has been unavailable <N> days field, specify the number of days for which you want to keep the backup created with the backup job in the target location. If Veeam Agent for Linux does not create new restore points for the backup, the backup will remain in the target location for the period that you have specified. When this period is over, the backup will be removed from the target location.

By default, the retention period for old backups is 30 days. Do not set this retention period to 1 day or a similar short interval. In the opposite case, the backup job may work not as expected and remove data that you still require.

Maintenance Settings