Deleting Backup Repository

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    You can delete a backup repository configured with Veeam Agent for Linux. When you delete a backup repository, Veeam Agent removes record of the deleted repository from its database. Backup files created by a backup job targeted at the deleted backup repository remain intact on the backup storage.

    To delete a backup repository, use the following command:

    veeamconfig repository delete --id <repository_id>


    veeamconfig repository delete --name <repository_name>


    • <repository_id> — ID of the backup repository that you want to delete.
    • <repository_name> — name of the backup repository that you want to delete.

    For example:

    user@srv01:~$ veeamconfig repository delete --name Repository_1


    Deleting Backup Repository NOTE

    You cannot delete a backup repository that is specified as a backup storage location in the backup job settings.


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