Step 8. Map Restored Disks

At the Disk Mapping step of the wizard, select what volumes you want to restore and map volumes from the backup to volumes on your computer.

Step 8. Map Restored Disks IMPORTANT

It is strongly recommended that you change disk mapping settings only if you have experience in working with Linux disks and partitions. If you make a mistake, your computer data may get corrupted.

You can map volumes in the backup (source volumes) and volumes on your computer (target volumes) in one of the following ways:

As well as individual volumes, you can also map entire disks:

If you choose to restore an entire disk, Veeam Agent will try to map all volumes that reside on this disk.

If you want to restore BTRFS subvolumes, you must map subvolumes in the backup to a BTRFS pool on the Veeam Agent computer. To learn more, see Mapping BTRFS Subvolumes.