Configuring Advanced Settings

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    HTTP Proxy Settings

    If you want to use Veeam Agent for Linux to back up your data to a Veeam Cloud Connect repository, it might be required that you specify HTTP proxy settings for Veeam Agent.

    Veeam Agent computer needs access to CRLs (Certificate Revocation Lists) of the CA (Certification Authority) who issued a certificate to the Veeam Cloud Connect service provider. In case it is not possible to establish a direct connection to CRLs, you must configure an HTTP proxy and specify settings to connect to the proxy in Veeam Agent.

    To specify settings for an HTTP proxy, uncomment and edit the following lines in the [cloudconnect] section of the /etc/veeam/veeam.ini configuration file:



    # httpproxylogin= <username>


    # httpproxypasswd= <password>


    # httpproxyurl= <URL>


    • <username> — name of the account used to connect to the HTTP proxy.
    • <password> — password of the account used to connect to the HTTP proxy.
    • <URL> — URL of a proxy used for CRL checks.


    Configuring Advanced Settings NOTE

    If the proxy does not require authentication, you do not need to specify the account name and password. Keep in mind that only the basic authentication method is supported for connection to a proxy.

    For example:




    # HTTP proxy login
    httpproxylogin= user01


    # HTTP proxy password
    httpproxypasswd= P@ssw0rd


    # HTTP proxy URL for CRL checks