Oracle Database Processing Settings

To specify processing settings for the Oracle database system, do the following

  1. In the Specify advanced job settings window, select the Oracle processing option with the [Tab] and [Down] keys and press [Enter]..
  2. In the Oracle processing section, select one of the following options:
  • Require successful processing. With this option selected, Veeam Agent will stop the backup process if an error occurs while processing the Oracle database system.
  • Try application processing, ignore failures. With this option selected, Veeam Agent will continue the backup process even if errors occur when processing the Oracle database system.
  1. In the Archived logs processing section, specify how Veeam Agent will process archived logs on the Oracle database:
  • Select Do not delete archived logs if you want Veeam Agent to keep archived logs. When the backup job completes, Veeam Agent will not delete archived logs.

It is recommended that you select this option when you do not have databases running in the ARCHIVELOG mode. If the database is running in the ARCHIVELOG mode, archived logs may grow large and consume all disk space. In this case, the database administrator must take care of archived logs themselves.

  • Select Delete logs older than <N> hours or Delete oldest logs exceeding <N> GB if you want Veeam Agent to delete archived logs that are older than <N> hours or larger than <N> GB. Veeam Agent will wait for the backup job to complete successfully and then trigger archived logs truncation via Oracle Call Interface (OCI). If the backup job fails, the logs will remain untouched until the next successful backup job session.


If you configure backup job to back up archived logs, Veeam Agent for Linux will not trigger archived logs deletion after each log backup job session. To prevent Oracle database logs from overgrowing, run the backup job for the Veeam Agent computer more often.

  1. In the Specify Oracle account with SYSDBA privileges section, specify which account type Veeam Agent will use to connect to the database system.
  • Select System account if you want Veeam Agent to use an account of the Veeam Agent machine OS. The account must be a member of the group that owns configuration files for the Oracle database (for example, the install group).
  • Select Oracle account if you want Veeam Agent to use an Oracle account. The account must have SYSDBA rights.

Oracle Database Processing Settings