Exporting Disks

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    You can restore computer disks from volume-level backups and convert them to disks of the VMDK, VHD or VHDX format.

    During disks restore, Veeam Backup & Replication creates standard virtual disks that can be used by VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V VMs.

    • When you restore a disk in the VMDK format, <%VBR%> creates a pair of files that make up the VM virtual disk: a descriptor file and file with the virtual disk content.
    • When you restore a disk in the VHD/VHDX format, <%VBR%> creates a file of the VHD or VHDX format.

    You can save converted disks locally on any server added to the backup infrastructure or place disks on a datastore connected to an ESXi host (for VMDK disk format only). VMDK disks can be restored as thin provision and thick provision disks:

    • Disks restored to a datastore are saved in the thin provisioned format.
    • Disks restored to a server are saved in the thick provisioned format.

    VHD/VHDX disks are always restored as dynamically expanding.

    Veeam Backup & Replication supports batch disk restore. For example, if you choose to restore 2 computer disks, Veeam Backup & Replication will convert them to 2 virtual disks and store these disks in the specified location.

    Exporting Disks IMPORTANT

    Consider the following:

    • If the backup from which you restore disks contains a Btrfs storage pool, during the disk restore process Veeam Backup & Replication will create a separate disk and restore the Btrfs pool to this disk.
    • If the disk you want to restore contains an LVM volume group, Veeam Agent will restore the original disk and the LVM volume group as 2 separate disks. Among other things, this leads to the increase of the required storage space. For example, you restore a machine with 2 disks, and a separate LVM volume group is configured on each of these disks. In this case, Veeam Agent will restore 4 disks. The restored disks will consume storage space equal to the size of 2 original disks and 2 LVM volume groups from these disks.

    The procedure of volume-level restore from a standalone Veeam Agent backup does not differ from the same procedure for a backup created with Veeam Agent that operates in the managed mode. To learn more, see the Exporting Disks section in the Veeam Agent Management Guide.