Step 5. Specify Object Storage

This step is only available if you have selected the Backup to object storage option at the Select Target Location for Backups step of the wizard.

At this step of the wizard, you can extend a backup repository with object storage to back up data directly to the cloud or on-premises storage system. For more information about object storage, see Object Storage.

Consider the following:

  • You cannot extend a backup repository with object storage that is already an extension to another backup repository.
  • Extending an existing backup repository is not possible.
  • If object storage that you select contains offloaded backup data, you will be offered to synchronize required metadata (cache) of such offloaded backups with the backup repository that is being added.

If you skip synchronization, the backup repository will be added with the Out of Sync state. To use such a repository, make sure to synchronize it manually. For more information, see Synchronizing Repositories.

  • If object storage that you select contains encrypted data, make sure to provide the same exact password with which this data was encrypted. Otherwise, the addition of object storage will not be possible.
  • Removing object storage from the backup repository configuration is not possible after the backup repository was extended with object storage.

To extend a backup repository with object storage, do the following:

  1. From the drop-down list, select object storage to which you want to offload your data.

Make sure that object storage has been added to your environment in advance. Otherwise, click Add and follow the steps of the wizard. For more information on how to add object storage, see Adding Object Storage.

  1. Select the Encrypt data uploaded to object storage check box to encrypt the offloaded data.
  2. From the Password drop-down list, select an encryption password.

If you already have a password record that was configured beforehand, select such a record from the drop-down list. Otherwise, click Add and add an encryption password. For more information, see Managing Encryption Passwords. You can also click Manage passwords to manage existing password records.

A password can be changed at any time. A password change does not impose any restrictions on accessing existing backup data in object storage.


Make sure to remember your password because, if lost, it cannot be restored.

Extending Backup Repository with Object Storage