SSL Certificates

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    An SSL certificate is required in the following cases:

    • To configure REST API settings.

    For more information, see REST API Settings.

    • To enable communication with a backup proxy server in a workgroup.

    For more information, see Security Settings.

    • To enable user authentication with organization credentials for tenants.

    For more information, see Tenant Authentication Settings.

    • To add Microsoft Office 365 organizations.

    For more information, see Microsoft Office 365 Organizations.

    • To add backup applications to the backup configuration.

    For more information, see Backup Applications.

    To install a new certificate from the Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 console main menu, do the following:

    1. In the main menu, click General Options.
    2. Open either the REST API or Security, or Authentication tab.
    3. Click Install to run the Select Certificate wizard.
    4. Proceed with any of the following options:

    Installing SSL Certificate

    Generating New Certificate

    To generate a new certificate, provide a certificate name and click Finish.

    Generating New Certificate

    Selecting Certificate

    To select an existing certificate from the certificate store, choose a certificate that you want to use and click Finish.

    Selecting Certificate

    Importing Certificate

    To import a certificate, click Browse and select a .pfx file to use.

    Importing Certificate