Object Storage Repositories

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    Object storage repositories are used to store Microsoft Office 365 and on-premises Microsoft organization backups using the following cloud and on-premises services:

    • S3 Compatible object storage

    Any S3 Compatible object storage device fully compatible with the AWS S3 operations and AWS S3 Signature Version 4 standard.

    • Amazon S3 object storage

    For more information about Amazon S3 object storage, see this Amazon article. For more information about required permissions, see Amazon S3 Object Storage Permissions.

    • Microsoft Azure Blob storage

    For more information about Microsoft Azure Blob storage, see this Microsoft article.

    • IBM Cloud Object Storage

    For more information about IBM Cloud Object Storage, see this IBM article.

    To back up data to object storage, you can extend a backup repository with any of the listed storage and map a backup job to such an extended repository. For more information, see Specify Object Storage Repository and Specify Backup Proxy and Repository.

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