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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 2.0
User Guide

Getting to Know the User Interface

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 provides you with the convenient user interface that allows you to perform required operations in a user-friendly manner.

Main Menu

The main menu comprises the following features:

  • PowerShell. Opens the PowerShell toolkit.
  • Swagger. Opens Swagger Website. Unavailable until you enable the REST service. For more information, see Configuring RESTful API Settings.
  • Color Theme. Contains four different color schemes you can select for your application console. The selected color scheme will also be inherited by Veeam Explorers.
  • License. Shows the license information. For more information, see Installing License.
  • Help and Support.
  • Online help. Opens the online web help page.
  • About. Shows current product information.
  • Exit. Closes the program.

Main Menu

Main Application Window

The main application window can be divided into five categories:

  1. The ribbon menu, which contains general program commands organized into logical groups represented as tabs:
  • The Home tab provides quick access to some common operations. For example, adding an organization to the scope, or removing it. This tab is visible in all views.
  • The View tab allows you to switch between the compact view and the full view mode either of which shows the backup job progress. You can also turn off the view completely.
  • The Jobs tab contains commands specific for the jobs. It will be displayed after you select the job node in the navigation pane.
  • The Backup Proxy tab contains commands specific for backup proxies and repositories. It will be displayed after you switch to the Backup Infrastructure view.
  1. The navigation area, which allows you to browse through the hierarchy of your infrastructure. At the bottom of the navigation area you can switch among various views such as Organizations, Backup Infrastructure, and the History view.
  2. The preview pane, which shows you the details about objects you have selected in the navigation area. For example, if you select an organization, all the information about the backup jobs that process selected organization's data will be available in the preview pane.
  3. The view switch, which allows you to switch among your infrastructure views.
  4. The action view, which allows you to view details about backup jobs results. Here, you will be able to see what objects are being processed along with warnings and possible errors. You can also filter out unwanted records by enabling/disabling the corresponding checkboxes below.

The User Interface

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User Guide

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