Step 4. Select Objects to Exclude

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    At this step of the wizard, select objects that you do not want to back up.

    To exclude an object, click Add and select users, groups, sites and teams that you do not want to back up.


    Due to Microsoft limitations, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 does not back up the following objects for Microsoft Office 365 organizations with enabled security defaults: Discovery Search Mailboxes, Public Folder Mailboxes and Dynamic Distribution Groups.

    Selecting Objects to Exclude

    If you want to specify exclusion options, select an object in the list, click Edit and in the Edit Exclusions window, select options that you need.

    For more information about available object types and their exclusion options, see Organization Object Types.


    You cannot edit exclusion options of the Sites, Teams and Public Mailbox object types.

    The following is an example where the Mail, Archive and Site objects are excluded from the backup for the Administrator user. Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 will only back up OneDrive data for this user.

    Editing Exclusions

    To see what objects are excluded, refer to the Exclude column. In this example, the excluded objects are Mail, Archive and Site.

    Editing Exclusions