Retrieving Backed-Up Data

Data retrieval is the process of receiving temporary access to archived data, so that it can be explored.

As well as data backup and backup copy, data retrieval is a job-driven process. When you want to access your data in backup copies, you create a retrieval job. For more information, see Creating Retrieval Job.


If you want to view the created retrieval jobs and their statuses, in the inventory pane, open the Organizations view, select the Data retrieval node and view the list in the preview pane.

When the retrieval job is complete, the retrieved data will be available for a specified period of time, during which you can explore and restore your data using Veeam Explorers. You can extend the availability period for data that Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 has retrieved. For more information, see Editing Retrieval Job Settings and Extending Availability of Retrieved Data.

Data retrieval cost varies depending on the desired speed of the process. You can select an option that you prefer at the Select Retrieval Mode step of the Retrieve Backup Copy wizard. Mind that options differ for Azure Blob Storage Archive, Amazon S3 Glacier and Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive.

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