Rental License

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    Rental License is a paid and fully-functional license that expires at the end of the contract which is the last day of the month and normally 1 month from the contract start date. Such a license type is distributed only to service providers.

    Understanding Trial State

    A trial state is given to each user account that is being backed up for the first time and lasts until the first day of the following month. During this period your rental license remains unconsumed by such accounts.

    For example, you have three user accounts A, B and C to be backed up and the first session of a backup job is scheduled on January 13, 2019. In such a scenario, after the backup session, all three user accounts (A, B and C) will be given a trial state until February 1, 2019. On February 1, 2019, a trial state for each of these accounts will be automatically reset. After the trial state is reset, upon the next backup job session all three user accounts (A, B and C) start consuming a rental license immediately.

    You can avoid consuming a rental license by trial accounts that you no longer want to process. For example, you may not want to continue backing up the account B from the example. To do this, remove this account from the backup job processing list.

    License Expired

    A grace period of 2 month is granted after the expiration of license for purpose of renewal. During this period, the program functionality is not limited. After this period, processing of all user accounts in all organizations will be stopped; scheduled jobs will be terminated with failure. In both cases, a notification message will be shown to notify you that the license is either about to be expired or has expired.

    The restore abilities will continue to function regardless of whether your license has expired or not.

    License Exceeded

    Additional processing of no more than 20 user accounts or 20% of the license count (whichever is greater) is granted if you exceed the license limit by up to 20 user accounts or up to 20% of the license count.

    If you exceed the license by more than 20 user accounts or more than 20% of the license count (whichever is greater), Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 allows you to process these 20 (or 20%) extra user accounts according to the FIFO queue logic (that is, "first in — first out"); no additional accounts are allowed.

    The grace period in this case is 2 months. After this period, processing of excessive user accounts (in FIFO queue) will be stopped; no more extra accounts will be queued for processing.

    The restore abilities will continue to function regardless of the grace period state.

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