Backup, Backup Copy, Retrieve and Restore Statistics

Each backup, backup copy, retrieve or restore session saves its results and metrics to the Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 configuration database.

To review backup, backup copy, retrieve and restore sessions, open the History view and select one of the following nodes:

  • Jobs. To see all backup and backup copy sessions.
  • Backup. To see both completed and running backup sessions.
  • Copy. To see both completed and running backup copy sessions.
  • Retrieve. To see both completed and running retrieve sessions.
  • Restore. To see Veeam Explorers restore sessions.

To stop a running session, select it in the preview pane and click Stop on the ribbon. For more information, see Stopping Backup Job and Stopping Backup Copy Job.

To review a specific session results of only particular type, use the Success, Warnings or Errors check boxes at the bottom.

Viewing History

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