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Network Attached Storage (SMB Shares)

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 lets you use network attached storage (NAS) as backup repositories. Such NAS storage can be a shared folder on your computer, or any other physical device that can be accessed via the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol.

Consider the following:

  • Network share browsing is not supported; make sure to prove the path to the shared folder manually.
  • A shared folder must be on a computer or device located within the same or a trusted domain.
  • To use SMB 3.0, make sure you are using Microsoft Windows 8 or Microsoft Windows 2012 and higher.

To access and use a shared folder, do the following:

  • Configure NTFS permissions.
  • Configure share permissions.

For more information, see this Veeam article.

After you share a folder, you can access it via the SMB 3.0 protocol to read/write data to/from this folder.

To add a shared folder as a backup repository, in the Specify Backup Proxy Server step, in the Path field, specify the path to the shared folder using the following syntax: \\<FQDN_name> or <ip_address>\<shared_folder_name>.

Network Attached Storage (SMB Shares) 

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