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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 3.0
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Adding Backup Repositories

Continue with this section to learn how to add a new backup repository.

The following types of backup repositories are supported:

  • A local directory on a backup proxy server.

The default backup repository is the C:\VeeamRepository directory on a computer with Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365.

  • Direct Attached Storage (DAS) connected to the backup server, including external USB/eSATA drives and raw device mapping (RDM) volumes.
  • Storage Area Network (SAN).

A backup server must be connected to the SAN fabric via hardware, virtual HBA or software iSCSI initiator.

  • An SMB 3.0 share (experimental support).
  • Azure and/or AWS virtual machines.

For more information about deploying the solution on to either of these platforms, see Deploying on Azure and AWS.

Adding Backup Repositories Important!

Consider the following:

  • To set up a network drive\UNC path to the repository on a network share, ensure that the Local System account has the Read and Write privileges to access that share.
  • Storage volumes that host the archive repository must be formatted with NTFS or ReFS.
  • To use an SMB 3.0 share, make sure you are using Microsoft Windows 8 or Microsoft Windows 2012 or higher.

To add a new backup repository, do the following:

  1. Go to Backup Infrastructure > Backup Repositories.
  2. On the Repositories tab, click Add Repository or right-click a backup repository and select Add backup repository.
  3. Proceed to Specify Backup Repository Name.

Adding Backup Repository

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