Creating Storage Consumption Reports

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    Storage Consumption reports show statistical information on used space in backup or object storage repositories.

    Each report consists of the following fields and shows information per repository.




    Shows a description of the report.

    Reporting Interval

    Shows the time interval for which the report was generated.

    License Information

    Shows the product name and a license type.


    Shows occupied storage space of all backup repositories added to the scope.

    Top 5 Repositories by Storage Usage

    Shows top 5 repositories the backed-up data on which occupies the most disk space.

    Top 5 Repositories by Growth

    Shows top 5 repositories in which the space is occupied most frequently.

    Daily Change (in GB)

    Information is shown per standalone backup repositories and backup repositories that were extended with object storage. For extended backup repositories, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 shows the following statistical information:

    • Used space that is occupied by cache.
    • Used space that is occupied by backup data in object storage.

    Repository Growth (in GB)

    Consider the following:

    • Repositories that have no statistical information are not included in the report. No information is available in the following cases:

    Since nothing has been placed to a backup repository after it was added, no statistical information is available, therefore, this repository is not included in the report.

    In this case, all backup repositories in your environment are excluded from the report.

    • Repositories whose Daily Change and Total Size values are less than 10 MB are not included in the report.

    For example, a report is said to be built starting from 01/11/2020 to 30/11/2020 and the period from 01/11/2020 to 09/11/2020 is empty (both the Daily Change and Total Size values are less than 10 MB). In this scenario, such a report will only show statistical information starting from 10/11/2020.

    To generate a report, do the following:

    1. Open the Organizations view.
    2. In the inventory pane, select an organization or the root Organizations node to generate a report for all backup repositories added to the scope.
    3. On the Home tab, select Reports > Storage Consumption.
    4. Specify a time interval.
    5. Click Browse to specify a location to save the report.

    Use the Save as type drop-down list in the Save As dialog to select PDF or CSV format in which you want to save the report.

    1. Select the Open report after publishing check box to open the generated report using the default application.
    2. Click Finish.

    Creating Storage Consumption Report