Analysis Dashboards

In-context Analysis Dashboards help you quickly drill down into the root cause of a problem and speed the troubleshooting process.

These dashboards can be launched directly from an open monitor alert (or any view in-context of the target object) and will allow you to analyze the metric history and related alerts for a specific vSphere performance area. The screenshot below shows a vSphere host alert (for CPU) selected — this makes the Analysis Dashboards for host scope available in the Navigation pane of the Tasks sidebar.

Analysis Dashboards

There are multiple Analysis Dashboards available, in-context for various vSphere objects. The Host CPU Usage Analysis Dashboard is shown below.

Host CPU Usage Analysis Dashboard

Every Performance Analysis Monitor has a matching Analysis Dashboard. In general the dashboard format follows the model in the screenshot above. The numbered panes show:

  1. Key metrics for the target object (in this example, vSphere host and CPU % Used)
  2. All alerts for the target object, and all contained objects (in this case, the vSphere host and all VMs running there)
  3. Key related metrics for the target or the contained objects (in this case, CPU Usage MHz for the VMs running on this host)

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