Appendix G. Syslog Monitoring

By default, Veeam MP for VMware uses remote agentless vSphere SDK connection to perform key monitoring. That is why syslog monitoring is optional and disabled by design.

When enabled, syslog monitoring works as follows:

  1. Syslog is forwarded to the Collector.
  2. On the Collector server, the syslog message is received, converted to a Windows event, and forwarded to OpsMgr through the Veeam VMware application log.
  3. Depending on the severity of the syslog message, a matching alert is raised in the OpsMgr against the host.


Syslog can be very verbose; be careful when enabling syslog because it can easily flood the OpsMgr system with events, especially if the Veeam vSphere Host Syslog: Information Message rule is enabled.

To enable syslog monitoring, you will need to carry out several procedures described in sections below:

  1. Enable Syslog Listener in Collector.
  2. Enable Syslog Rules (if required).